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Cyndi Shuring

Who we are

At Designer Apparel Services, we have a devoted team that works together to meet the needs of our customers.
Our team of professionals assist in each aspect of the process. Beginning with the pattern department then to the cutting and sewing of the first sample all the way through to production. We strive to always create the best product in the most efficient way.

The DAS team is lead by owner Cyndi Schuring.
As the owner of DAS for over 20 years and a respected industry professional, Cyndi helps brands get started by assisting with design, engineering, sourcing, and many other facets of apparel production.

What We Do.

Our Gerber Technology 10.4 system, provides 

  • Pattern drafting
  • Digitizing
  • Grading
  • Marker making

The Gerber system maximizes our time and efforts by making pattern and marker changes at the touch of a button.
We will walk you through the entire process, from

  • Pattern
  • Samples
  • Fit revisions
  • All the way through to production

We can also assist you in fabric sourcing and selection, finishing details, labeling and fit refinement.
We offer boutique style garment manufacturing, we produce high quality garments in both knits and woven in a fair and ethical manner. As specialists in small batch production, our facility handles custom, sample and fill-in size orders with ease. There is no fixed minimum size order required.

Why Choose DAS?

Working with Designer Apparel Services
 is a unique experience because we offer the services you need;

  • In-house
  • Complete managed solutions
  • Apparel making

We know you are busy building your brand, so all of our communication can be done

  • Via email
  • Phone
  • Text
  • And courier

This allows you to maximize your time whilst staying up-to-date on your production.

DAS is committed to keeping all your designs and information confidential.

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Meet the Team

maya grigoruk

Maya Grigoruk

Pattern Maker

Maya is a Pattern Maker at DAS. She also does marker making and grading at the shop. Maya graduated in 2017 with her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design & Technology from The Wilson School of Design at KPU.
She’s had her past work shown at Vancouver Fashion Week and in Vogue UK magazine.
Maya has an interest in environmental aspects in the fashion industry and loves different cultural influences in clothing.

lauren swain

Lauren Swain

Production Assistant – Pattern Marker Maker

Lauren is the Production Assistant and Pattern Marker Maker here at DAS. For as long as she can remember she has been drawn to the Fashion Industry for its creativity and diversity.
Lauren graduated from The Fashion Institute of Olds College in 2016 and began as a retail store merchandiser; after 4 years she found the opportunity to be a part of the DAS team. Lauren now uses her years of pattern and sewing knowledge to ensure our projects are completed with the highest quality for all of our customers.

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