Pattern Making &Design

We offer a range of pattern making and design services tailored to help you create the products you desire.

We use the Gerber Technology 10.4 system, which is used in pattern drafting, digitizing, grading, marker making, and plotting. Using the Gerber system allows us to take an existing style and make changes into a new variation of the style. Digital marker making allows us to maximize fabric usage with computer-generated markers.

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

At DAS, our team of experts will help create the best solutions for your designs by helping you with fabric sourcing, design consultation and finding the most efficient way to create your vision.


If you have existing hard copy patterns, we can digitize them into the computer then make tweaks, markers and grade if needed.

pattern Drafting

Pattern Making

Our in-house pattern makers can create patterns from reference samples combined with drawing, photos, specs and existing patterns.


We maximize the yields of the fabric using our Gerber 10.4 software. The marker making feature along with our knowledgeable staff help to ensure least amount of material waste possible. We also offer plotting services for markers and patterns for you to take to other factories in Canada or around the world.


We can help determine a grade rule for your company by creating sizing specific to your target market. We use the most up-to-date Gerber Software to make grading fast and efficient.

Sample Sewing

 Sample Sewing

Once the pattern is made, then a sample is sewn to test the fit and finishes.

Technical Design

We offer technical packages that include illustrations and specification sheets. These include the appropriate measurements needed for overseas production and quality assurance.


Our expert team can help you perfect the fit of your garments with in-house fittings. This helps make alterations more accurate, so fewer prototypes need to be tested.

Sourcing Consultation

With over 21 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, our team can help connect you with various fabric and trim suppliers. We can also offer connections for dye-sublimated fabrics. We have working relationships with suppliers both domestically and globally.


With no minimums, we can accommodate every customer. Feel confident your product is being made locally & ethically every time. Our professional team will help you meet your goals.