1 hour Consultation for customers who are new to the Apparel Business (Zoom Session)


1 Hour Consultation Service with the “Dream Team” at DAS (virtual zoom meeting or call), for anyone new to the Apparel Business. It covers all aspects of the process to get started in apparel all the way to a successful launch. Also includes suggested fabrics, garment labeling, names & contact info of trusted suppliers, and more …

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Professional Consultation Service for anyone new to the Apparel Business

In this 1 hour meeting, you will learn ALL you need to get started such as:

  1. The names of trusted suppliers and their contact info.
  2. What you will need for labeling your garment and where to get them.
  3. What is required to make a pattern of your dream items?
  4. Suggest fabrics and notions that will be needed for your product.
  5. Details about how the process works and timelines for being ready to launch your product.
  6. How DAS works and what to expect from the services we offer.

We can also refer you to other services that will help launch your product such as web design and marketing.